We believe that the world of luxury and fashion should be sustainable and safe for the people and the planet.
Our intent is to contribute to buying less and buying better by making jewelry that lasts and will be passed on for the next generation.
Our packaging is recyclable, locally handcrafted in small batches. We avoid using plastic.
We use recycled materials to create our jewelry, including silver and gold.


As a business founded by a woman for women, we choose mostly small business run by women to work with.
Our team is mostly female and fully supported in creating their own work life balance.
We work with local craftspeople wherever possible, supporting our community and reducing the carbon footprint at the same time.
We support local foundation, which helps children who need a new loving home.

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"Sustainability, community, and charity are a big part of the Hany Koi family. We work mainly with small businesses run by women. Our jewelry is made from recycled gold, silver and other materials, using ethically sourced gems."

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